Cutting Abilities WaterJet Cutting At Delta, our state-of-the-art waterjet cutting table is always running.  It uses erosive properties of water to cut cleanly through any material, with the exception of tempered glass and carbide.  Pressurized to 60,000 PSI and computer numerically controlled (CNC), the waterjet can cut perfect lines.  The pictures to the left are examples of its precision – notice the smooth edges. Plasma Cutting Our CNC plasma cutting table is an economically effective tool for cutting sheet metal.  Although the edges have slag which needs to be cleaned off, it is an efficient method for cutting metals.  See the picture (top right).   Other Cutting Tools We have a number of other ways to make cuts.  Our heavy duty sheer has a 12’ cutting length and can handle sheets up to 5/8” thick.  We also have horizontal and vertical band saws which are used to cleanly cut pipes, channels, and bars.  When it’s practical, we will utilize one of our oxy-acetylene or plasma torches. Welding ASME Section IX certified! Qualified Welding Processes FCAW (shielded Flux Core) GTAW (Tig) GMAW (Mig) SAW (Submerged-Arc) Copyright © Delta Fabricating 2013-2014 All rights reserved